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Elina Brotherus,
Love Bites III, 1999












John Davies,
Amphitheatre, Swansea, 2000










































Sara Gadd,
Hydropathic, 2001


John Goto, Pasturelands, 2000-2001


John Gotoís photographic tableaux High Summer suggests that all is not well in the artificially landscaped heritable garden of contemporary Britain. These digitally-constructed photographs draw on the 18th century French landscape paintings of Poussin and Lorrain, to question our evolving relationship to the natural world. We present the first phase of Metropoli, John Daviesí exploration of the major post-industrial cities in the UK, and Roni Hornís photographs of the River Thames, nominated recently for the Citibank Photography Prize.

Roni Horn, Still Water, 2000


Jemima Stehliís work explored issues arising from the representation of the female nude body; here we publish a sample of her monumental photographs seen recently in London. Finnish artist Elina Brotherusí work, to be exhibited in the UK later this year, deals with feelings of love and isolation. This issue features a critique by Mark Durden of Boris Mikhailovís photography, and new work by Sophy Rickett, Sara Gadd, Bettina Von Zwehl, Effie Paleologou, Florencia Durante, Dominic Davies, Marlow Brauer, Luciana Fonseca and Michael Forbes.


John Goto, Beach, 2000-2001


John Goto High Summer
Essay by Robert Clark

Elina Brotherus Photographs
Misty Mirrors, Foreign Languages and other Vicissitudes of Life by Brigitte Kölle

Sophy Rickett Photographs
Yellow Tree by Rob Tufnell

Florencia Durante Studio Compositions

Jemima Stehli Photographs
Essay by Stella Santacatterina

Luciana Fonseca Photographs

Roni Horn Another Water
The River is You by David Chandler

Michael Forbes Celebration of Death

Effie Paleologou The Front

Sara Gadd Hydropathic

Dominic Davies To Cage

Marlow Brauer Photographs


Sophy Rickett, Palm Trees, 2000


Bettina Von Zwehl, Untitled II, 1998



Boris Mikhailov Case Histories
Degraded Realities by Mark Durden

Settings & Players:
Theatrical Ambiguity in American Photography
Review by Amanda Hopkinson

John Davies Metropoli
Far and Wide by Ian Jeffrey

Brassaï: The Soul of Paris
Review by David Bate


Jemima Stehli, Self Portrait with Karen, 2000










Effie Paleologue,
Seascape II, 2000























John Goto,
Deluge, 2000-2001













Marlow Brauer,
Untitled, 2000
















































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