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Darren Harvey-Regan, Gestures, 2006





































































Huw Davies,
Fear and Hoping, 2006
















Kate Pollard,
This Woman's Movement, 2006




















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Sze Tsung Leong, Tiantong Xiyuan Third District (North), Changping District,
Beijing, 2004

Sze Tsung Leong, Jiangsheng Cun, Shanxi Province, 2004

Sze Tsung Leong, Chaotianmen, Yuzhong District, Chongqing, 2002

This issue features Sze Tsung Leong’s accomplished series History Images, produced over a period of three years and focussing on many of China’s major cities, a poetic record of the process of the erasure of that country’s physical history.  Paul Seawright’s series Invisible Cities shows an urban view of Africa, where chaotic settlements remain a blind spot for the West. Susan Trangmar’s A Question of Distance, a multi-media installation, was produced through an invitation to make work which explores art and conflict in the Middle East.

Paul Seawright, Invisible Cities

In Beyond Black, Jane Brettle re-presents a series of iconic images from the history of photography. Stella Santacatterina discusses the work of Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, whose video works are shown at both the Whitechapel and Serpentine galleries in 2007. Martin Parr introduces Keith Arnatt’s Pictures from a Rubbish Tip, a series of colour photographs which influenced photographic practice almost 20 years ago, and now included in a retrospective of his work.

Susan Trangmar, A Question of Distance

Jane Brettle, After Duane Michals, 2006

As the UK’s official war artist in 2006, Steve McQueen created Queen and Country, an intensely moving work which commemorates the British soldiers who have been killed in Iraq. John Slyce discusses how Peter Kennard and Cat Picton Phillipps share an aesthetic of resistance, their recent work also responding to the war in Iraq.

Steve McQueen, Queen and Country, 2006

We feature the work by emerging photographers: Veronika Spierenburg has produced innovative portraits; Liza Dracup, Darren Harvey-Regan and Tania Coates respond to human presence in the landscape; Seung Woo Back, Huw Davies and Kate Pollard represent the pressures and expectations of contemporary society. 

Keith Arnatt, Pictures from a Rubbish Tip, 1988

The 2007 Jerwood Photography Awards are launched in May 2007. Now in their fifth year, these annual Awards are supported by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and organised by Portfolio Magazine. They are open to artists who work with photography and aim to support recent graduates in their transition to professional life. The five Awards each carry £2,500, with a group exhibition and publication in Portfolio. Details are available in this issue and on the Portfolio website.

Gloria Chalmers

Liza Dracup, Sharpe’s Wood, 2006



Sze Tsung Leong   History Images         
Nigel Warburton   Essay

Paul Seawright   Invisible Cities  
Christopher Pinney   Essay

Susan Trangmar   A Question of Distance        
Susan Butler   Essay

Jane Brettle   Beyond Black         
Catherine Grant   Essay

Liza Dracup   Sharpe’s Wood      
Keith Arnatt   Pictures from a Rubbish Tip, 1988           
Martin Parr   Essay

Tania Coates   Transient Topography     
Darren Harvey-Regan   Gestures           

Allora & Calzadilla   Video Works           
Stella Santacatterina   Essay

Steve McQueen   Queen and Country     
John Slyce  Essay

Allora & Calzadilla, Still from Under Discussion, 2004

Veronika Spierenburg 
MA Fine Art Class, 2006

Peter Kennard & Cat Picton Phillipps
John Slyce   Essay

Seung Woo Back   Real World II 

Huw Davies   Fear and Hoping
Kate Pollard   This Woman's Movement 

Peter Kennard & Cat Picton Phillipps,
Presidential Seal (from the series Obscenities), 2006











Veronika Spierenburg,
MA Fine Art Class, 2006




















Tania Coates,
Transient Topography, 2006













































































Seung Woo Back,
Real World II, 2006